Stacey (Esquith) Jacquez, JORDANAH, Inc

July 20, 2017

Our team cannot say enough great things about hosting an event at Horton Plaza Park! With exactly three weeks to find a venue and build a massive event for Comic-con, we connected with Julie from the HPP team and we knew we could make it happen. The HPP team helped facilitate every venue-specific detail including scheduling, permits, police and DOT involvement, on-site Audio Visual, cleaning as well as fantastic vendor suggestions. They are thorough, quick and have impeccable attention to detail. AND, they are lovely! Their attentiveness during your entire time on-site makes the event operation smooth and easy. The well-thought-out venue has a great deal of on-site amenities and the HPP team ensured our ease in incorporating and accessing them all.

Horton Plaza Park, We will be back!

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