Bayless Cobb, Owner, AD Restaurant and Event Center

April 11, 2017

I have been eagerly anticipating the Grand Opening and Rebirth of the Historic Horton Plaza Park since before 2013 when I signed the lease for AD Restaurant and Event Center. With every delay my excitement and anticipation has grown, not just for the incredible boost it will give the businesses in the surrounding area, but also for the historical significance and overall impact the Plaza will have on the Gaslamp and San Diego as a whole. The Horton Plaza Park will truly be a world class urban space and will add to our national recognition along with our famous weather, beaches and laid back attitude. In particular I am excited for the plaza to become a gathering place for concerts, farmers markets and movies in the Park. Being a downtown resident, I can’t wait to bring my 2 year old daughter to the Park. I have eagerly awaited the Park to open before my daughter was born and I can not wait to share it with her now that it is finally about to open. The Horton Plaza Park is a game changer for the Gaslamp and San Diego, and it is about to open directly across the street from AD. As you can imagine, I couldn’t be more grateful or excited.”

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